The St. Mary Parish Advantage

Companies come to St. Mary Parish and stay due in part to an exceptional network of key inputs and suppliers. Metalworking, maritime, agriculture, transportation and logistics and the application of technology to industrial settings are all major contributors to industrial fabric of St. Mary. Take a look at some of the companies that call St. Mary Parish home.

Key Industries

Metal Work

When it comes to the process of metalworking, few regions compare to St. Mary Parish. Feed stocks of plate, formed and rolled metals are within minutes of multiple fabrication and machining operations both general as well as those specifically tailored for maritime, oil and gas, agriculture and transportation.  A skilled, trained and work-ready labor force adds to the mix, most with certifications in high-demand jobs. And in the area of aluminum welding, few areas offer the depth of services as St. Mary with five leading aluminum welding operations available. Add to it all easy in and easy out by rail, air, water and roadway and you see why St. Mary leads in all aspects of metalworking processes.


Access in and out of St. Mary Parish by water is one of the leading industrial attributes of the parish. The Intracoastal Waterway connects St. Mary directly with destinations east to west, north to south including rapid and direct access to the Gulf of Mexico and markets in Central and South America, in addition to direct access to the oil and gas operations of the Gulf of Mexico.  Two ports serve the parish including cargo handing capabilities.  St. Mary is also a preferred destination for shipbuilding, both new construction and repair and is the home of major maritime operations – both inshore and offshore. Blend in the community college with its dedicated marine academy, and you’ll see why St. Mary is the place to be for maritime.


Farming is central to the economic base of St. Mary.  With more than a million acres under production, St. Mary offers the infrastructure and support necessary for successful operations. Adding to the agricultural base are acres of both natural and man-made aquaculture that produces some of the finest seafood catches in the world.  Landings of crabs, shrimp, oysters, crawfish, catfish and more satisfy a global demand for the area’s famous seafood.  Plant, harvest or grow?  St. Mary Parish is the place for you.


The movement of goods and services into and out of St. Mary Parish is central to the success of the region. With such a high level of activity comes deep expertise in the processes of moving and managing goods and services.  Sophistication runs from managing the location of oil and gas vessels to the movement of fluids through pipelines to overland operations of goods and services.


The application of technology to industry is part of the progressive pulse of St. Mary Parish. Computer aided design, the ultra precision of laser and plasma cutting processes. remotely operated underwater vehicles and more are woven into the industrial face of the economy. The trend is projected to accelerate with a vast array of opportunities for applied technology throughout the region.

Top Companies

  • Oceaneering
  • Cameron/Schlumberger
  • Intermoor
  • Conrad Industries
  • Swiftships
  • Halimar
  • Gulf Craft
  • Metal Shark
  • Bollinger/Chouest
  • Compass (salt mines)
  • Twin Brothers Marine
  • New Industries
  • LaBorde Marine
  • Carbon Black Plants
    · Birla Chemical
    · Cabot
    · Orion Carbon

Key Suppliers

Fab shops
Machine shops
Equipment Rental Co.
Equipment services
P & K
Tri City Pipe
Hanagriff Machine Shop

D & D Welding
Basin Fleeting
Compliance Inspection
MC Rentals
Redfish Rentals
Phoenix Diving

Blackwater Diving
D & L
Seward Supply
Shannon Hardware

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