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St. Mary Parish Louisiana

Business Development Services & More.

Serving as an advocate for businesses with a focus on community growth, St. Mary Economic Development believes “it takes a village” to achieve success. Our mission is to build partnerships between our businesses and individuals to build a stronger business community. 

When deciding to become a member of the St. Mary community, they’re committing to become a partner in furthering the economic growth and continuous development of the entire parish—and through their partnership, stand to benefit significantly through exposure, partnership, resources, business development resources, and expertise. The decision to invest in a community is not a light decision, and choosing St. Mary Parish for your opportunity, we ensure you receive insight into the existing St. Mary Parish business community as well as the business community of the entire Louisiana Gulf Coast region. Furthermore, we facilitate active involvement with the community, other businesses, vendors, and your customers.

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Experience the Benefits of Choosing St. Mary Parish Louisiana


Meet, network, and connect with businesses, partners, and other regional leaders through events, committee meetings, and more.


Access a broad range of informative small business workshops spanning topics like technology, strategy, branding/marketing, and more at no cost to you.


Raise your profile—and by extension, your bottom line—through a variety of sponsorship opportunities.


Stay informed on matters that impact the local economy, business, and the community at large through Leadership Exchanges and policy forums.

In Addition

To go along with the benefits of choosing St. Mary, your partnership supports the future success for St. Mary Parish as the premier place to live, work, and build a business.

Your Partnership Helps Us in These Three Ways

  • Strengthen our community and region by seizing opportunities and collaborating on solutions to the most pressing challenges facing St. Mary Parish from infrastructure, workforce development, taxation, and more. 
  • Grow our parish and region through strategic partnerships and marketing the area to attract, expand, and retain business investment and job opportunities. 
  • Create a catalyst in business growth and leadership by providing opportunities for engagement and leadership development to improve both your business and your community. 

Ready to Join?

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