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Build your Professional Network

Louisiana is home to a vibrant community of established business owners and promising entrepreneurs alike. Tapping into this business network provides a multitude of advantages for those looking to launch or grow a company in the area.

From building new connections and increasing visibility to accessing mentorships and staying atop of local developments, building a professional network with industry leaders can prove invaluable.

Emerging companies can tap into their knowledge and connections, helping them avoid potential pitfalls as they scale up.

What Can I Gain from Building Professional Networks
in St. Mary Parish?

Make Meaningful Connections

Building relationships in your local community with fellow business owners and associations opens the door to meaningful connections. These connections then lead to referrals, as people tend to trust recommendations from those they personally know. Potential customers are more likely to give your business a try when they hear positive things from multiple people in their circles.

Boost Your Visibility

By networking with other entrepreneurs at events, through associations, and in organizations, you can build brand awareness. The more you actively participate and share your experiences, the more familiar people will become with your St. Mary business’s values and reputation.

Access to Support and Guidance

Seeking mentorships with local business leaders can provide you with invaluable guidance tailored to the unique aspects of operating a local business. Connecting with those who have already built successful companies gives you access to a supportive group of peers. They can offer tailored advice and encouragement drawn from years of experience as you grow your own business.

Stay Informed on Local News and Developments

The contacts in your business network can keep you in the loop on major local news and events, changing rules and regulations, and any new incentives or programs being offered. Staying up-to-date on the latest happenings allows you to take advantage of new opportunities as soon as they become available. It also helps ensure you remain compliant as laws and ordinances evolve over time.

St. Mary Economic Development Can Help Expand Your Reach

The backbone of St. Mary Parish is the energy and spirit of our entrepreneurs, and we prioritize the success of those businesses through growing your business and expanding your network. Our parish offers abundant networking opportunities, supporting local businesses in their growth by facilitating connections and providing access to resources through regional partnerships. Resources that are provided through our friends throughout our region include:

Ready to Make Impactful Connections?

Start building your professional network today! Contact St. Mary Economic Development to learn more about the vast networking resources available in our vibrant business community.