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Talent Pipeline and Recruitment

Our St. Mary community boasts a strong and growing workforce, with a significant proportion of residents holding bachelor’s degrees and a robust number holding high school diplomas. We have a solid talent pipeline to provide workforce support for both current and future businesses in St. Mary Parish.

Our labor force is on the rise and eager to fill jobs at all levels, from entry-level to management. With a population dedicated to learning and career advancement, you’ll find the talents you need to succeed here.

Workforce Development Partners

St. Mary Economic Development (SMED) works closely with the local business community and higher education institutions, including South Louisiana Community College, Fletcher Technical Community College, Nicholls State University, and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, to ensure strong workforce support and a consistent talent pipeline.

Through collaboration with these partners, we offer high-quality education and training to support the growth of high-demand industry sectors, a diversified economy, and the evolving talent requirements of our new and existing businesses.

Workforce Development

Quality Workforce

When it comes to providing a skilled workforce.  Louisiana is home to the nation’s top workforce developement program under LED FastStart, which provides businesses customized resources for recruitment, screening, and training.

In St. Mary Parish, we prioritizing succes through three values: education, commitment, and hard work.  Our local workforce and our partner organizations ensure that these values are communicated to both the current and future workforrce.  You will find an eager and capable workforce in St. Mary Parish that will meet the demands for your business growth.

We are at the ready to assist you in finding the people you need to acheive your goals.

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At St. Mary Economic Development, we nurture a vibrant local economy by connecting job seekers, businesses, and partners to workforce training and recruitment opportunities. Contact St. Mary Economic Development today to learn how we can help you find the right workforce talents for your business.