St. Mary Parish is an excellent location for businesses looking to establish or expand their operations. Boasting a prime Gulf Coast location, strong infrastructure, skilled workers, and a pro-business environment, St. Mary Parish offers key advantages that make it a great business destination. However, choosing the perfect site in St. Mary Parish is also vital to unlocking the full potential of your business venture.

Why Site Selection in St. Mary Parish Matters for Businesses

Selecting the right location within St. Mary Parish can make or break your ability to achieve your business goals and fully capitalize on what the parish has to offer. 

Carefully evaluating possible locations based on things like your target market, workforce requirements, transportation availability, and room for growth can help position your business for long-term success.

Key Considerations When Selecting a Site for Your Business

The key factors to consider during the site selection process include:

Target Industries

Your specific industry and business activities will impact the ideal location within St. Mary Parish. Certain areas are better suited for manufacturing, while others offer strengths for corporate offices, restaurants, and hospitality venues.

Proximity to Customers and Target Demographic

Understanding who your customers are and where they are concentrated geographically will help determine the ideal site location for your business within St. Mary Parish. For consumer-facing businesses especially, being accessible and visible to local markets provides a tangible advantage. 

Retail stores, restaurants, healthcare providers, and professional service firms can all gain an advantage by locating as close as possible to clusters of existing and potential customers.

Nearby Competitors

The presence and concentration of rival companies in certain areas can be a double-edged sword for site selection. On one hand, being located near competitors can raise awareness of your industry and provide convenient access for customers. 

However, lots of competition can also create pricing struggles and battles for market share. Looking at what other businesses are around possible locations will help you figure out if the competition is good or bad for your specific venture.

Land Use Regulations

It is important to assess the local land use policies, zoning restrictions, permitting requirements, and business regulations for potential sites in St. Mary Parish. You want to ensure the location you choose allows you to operate your desired business effectively and legally. For example, zoning may prohibit certain types of manufacturing or retail, set limits on square footage or parking, or restrict hours of operation.

Accessibility and Transportation

Selecting a site with convenient accessibility and proximity to key transportation infrastructure is vital. Good access brings in more customers and makes it easier for employees to get to work. It also reduces costs and improves shipping and transportation logistics.

Surrounding Neighborhood

Analyze amenities and character of the area surrounding potential sites to assess compatibility with your business. Consider complementary businesses or anchor institutions like universities that could support your operations.

Workforce and Talent

Having access to a skilled workforce and talent pipeline is critical for location selection. Assess the labor pool within the commute range of potential sites, including overall population size, educational attainment, and industry experience. 

Evaluate if the nearby workforce matches your human capital needs or provides an opportunity to grow talent with partners like local schools. Choosing a location with present and future access to qualified talent lays the foundation for your team.

Financial Feasibility

It’s crucial to look at the financial realities linked to the potential sites. Gather information on things such as purchase or lease prices, insurance rates, projected maintenance and renovation expenses, utility bills, and tax rates. 

Also, check out any incentives, tax credits, or other perks offered by local government to attract businesses. Analyzing the costs involved will help you pick a financially feasible location.

Future Expansion

An ideal location enables a business not just to operate in the present but also to grow over the long term. Assess potential sites for their ability to support expanded capacity, increased workforce, and additional products and services. 

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Ready to Grow in St. Mary Parish?

For business owners ready to establish or expand into an advantageous business environment, St. Mary Parish offers the right ingredients to fuel growth. Now is the time to explore the possibilities and partner with us to find your ideal site. 

The St. Mary Economic Development team provides comprehensive site selection services in St. Mary to assist you in identifying the optimal location tailored to your business needs. Contact us today to evaluate your options! The future awaits in St. Mary Parish.

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