St. Mary Parish, Louisiana, has taken a proactive step to highlight local businesses ready to support the growing offshore wind industry. St. Mary Economic Development (SMED) recently collaborated with RWE and Greater New Orleans Inc. to launch the Louisiana Offshore Wind Supply Chain Database.

The new offshore wind supply chain database includes more than 120 Louisiana businesses, including several St. Mary Parish companies, such as Gator Rigging, Gulf Craft, and Scorpion Subsea, capable of providing key services to offshore wind projects.

The database covers six critical work packages needed for offshore wind:

  • Wind Turbine Generators
  • Professional Services: Project management, engineering, site investigations, and environmental studies.
  • Balance of Plant: Dynamic export cables, fixed bottom foundation, inter-array cables, offshore substation, onshore substation, semi-submersible floating foundation concrete, and static export cables.
  • Installation and Commissioning: Offshore cable installation, offshore foundation installation, offshore substation installation, other services and specialized vessels, and port redevelopment or construction activities.
  • Operation and Maintenance.
  • Mooring and Anchoring System.

It is notable that 95% of the featured businesses are small businesses, showing this opportunity extends well beyond major corporations.

The Growing Offshore Wind Industry in Louisiana

As the offshore wind industry expands in the United States, Louisiana stands ready to become a leader. With its robust infrastructure and experienced workforce, the state has the assets needed to drive offshore wind development in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Louisiana’s shipyards, offshore services companies, and port facilities give it the capabilities required for manufacturing, installing, and maintaining offshore wind projects. 

The state has the potential to be a major player in the rapidly expanding US offshore wind industry. The new offshore wind supply chain database highlights the capabilities Louisiana companies already possess that can support this emerging sector.

Industry forecasts predict offshore wind power will grow dramatically in the coming years. The Gulf of Mexico has been singled out for its exceptional offshore wind energy potential, capable of providing up to 10% of total US wind capacity.

 According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the construction of a single offshore wind project in the Gulf of Mexico could generate approximately 4,400 jobs and $445 million in gross domestic product for the state of Louisiana. The ongoing operation of the project could support 150 jobs and $14 million in gross domestic product annually in the state.

With proactive planning and support, the state can position itself at the forefront of America’s offshore wind revolution. St. Mary Parish and other coastal parishes are well-positioned to play a major role in this industry.

Free Resources to Help Your Business Succeed in St. Mary Parish

The offshore wind industry presents an exciting opportunity for St. Mary Parish and Louisiana. To help local small businesses capitalize on this opportunity, St. Mary Economic Development offers a range of no-cost business development services.

From site selection services to market research, our team can provide the support and resources needed for local businesses to compete in the offshore wind supply chain. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow with the offshore wind industry in Louisiana.

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