Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a necessity for businesses that want to operate responsibly and successfully. Here in St. Mary, we strive to support local businesses not only economically but also in adopting environmentally-friendly practices.

That’s why St. Mary Economic Development is a proud partner of the Clean Biz Partnership.

The Clean Biz Partnership is a Louisiana-based initiative started by Keep Louisiana Beautiful and the Louisiana Chamber of Commerce Executives (LACCE). Its mission is to promote corporate and community responsibility for keeping Louisiana clean and beautiful.

The partnership focuses on education, increasing community capacity for clean-ups and recycling, and recognizing businesses like yours for making sustainable choices.

Benefits of Joining the Clean Biz Partnership for St. Mary Businesses

As a St. Mary business owner, here are some compelling reasons you should consider joining the Clean Biz Partnership.

Show Your Business Cares

Participating in the Clean Biz Partnership is a visible way to demonstrate to your customers and community that you care about the environment.

Businesses that join receive window clings and posters and can even be nominated for sustainability awards.

Gain Valuable Knowledge

You’ll gain access to educational events like webinars and workshops that share best practices for running a green business. You can bring these insights back to make meaningful changes at your company.

See a Return on Your Investment

While it requires some effort on your part, implementing sustainable practices recommended by the Clean Biz Partnership pays off. Whether through energy and waste reductions or positive publicity, you will see results on your bottom line.

Be in Good Company

A growing number of St. Mary businesses have already joined the Clean Biz Partnership, such as St. Mary Council on Aging, Lily Kay Photography, and Cher t’Dough, among many others.

When the community sees local business owners working together for sustainability, it creates momentum for an even greater impact.

Easy Ways to Participate in the Clean Biz Partnership

Here are some of the criteria for participation that we think your business can reasonably achieve:

  • Pick up litter around your business location and parking areas.
  • Place trash bins near entrances and exits.
  • Maintain your lawn and landscaping.
  • Provide brief reporting on your accomplishments along with documentation of your efforts.

Learn more about getting your St. Mary business certified by the Clean Biz Partnership here.

At the St. Mary Economic Development office, we want to see all our local businesses succeed while also doing our collective part for the environment. Sustainability and profit do not have to be opposing goals!

Join us and other Clean Biz Partners by implementing these best practices at your company. When our businesses work together toward a common purpose, we can drive real change in St. Mary Parish and beyond.

Additionally, St. Mary Economic Development offers no-cost business development services and support for local businesses, including site selection assistance, help navigating regulations, workforce support, and more. We offer many resources to help businesses establish and grow in our community.

Reach out to our office today for more information on the Clean Biz Partnership and any other small business resources we provide. We are here to support your entrepreneurial journey and foster business growth that uplifts our entire community.

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